Old Age Home

Elderly are an integral part of a population of any country who owe respect and attention equally like any other section. However, due to changing family structure and modernization, elderly population is facing inevitable challenges to live their life respectfully. Loneliness, negligence and less importance, illness 
due to ageing and against lack of treatment are the most of the treacherous conditions which elderly are facing.
Ageing in India is exponentially increasing due to the impressive gains that society has made in terms of increased life expectancy. With the rise in elderly population, the demand for holistic care tends to grow.By 2025, the geriatric population is expected to be 840 million in the developing countries. It is projected 
that the proportion of Indians aged 60 and older will rise from 7 % in 2010 to 12 % in 2030.
At present the population of senior citizens in Maharashtra is nearly 1.50 crore. There are more than 250Old Age Homes in Maharashtra. It is important to understand the social aspects concerning aged in the country as they go through the process of ageing. Changing lifestyle, availability, accessibility and 
affordability of health care, increased life expectancy, rapid urbanization and economic dependency have led to an emergence of varied problems for the elderly in India. And hence HERAMBHA SHIKSHAN SEVA BHAVI SANSTHAhas identified these needs and to provide the elderly with the required support, the organization is proposing to build an Old age home for 1000 elderly people from all over INDIA, at sangli , kaethemahankal district , Maharashtra  State . For this purpose one smt. Prabhavati Pandurang Kshetri had donated around 360000 sq.ft. land to our trust. Our trust has proposed most advanced old age home at above location with all facilities so that this senior citizens will enjoy their Life happily.